Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Operation Sea Lion

I've long been interested in the 'what if' of Operation Sea Lion as well as admired from afar the many excellent A Very British Civil War games I've seen on a variety of wargaming blogs...particularly those of Mr Crump's wargamesinthedungeon blog...well worth a visit, if you haven't already.

Now Warlord Games have released Campaign Sea Lion for Bolt Action along with a range of superb figures...both their own here and from Footsore Miniatures here. The BUF figures, in particular, are superb...

...but then so are the British Militia! There are many more excellent figures in the Footsore shop.

Warlord have also just announced a second supplement, Campaign Gigant, with the Germans opening up a second front in the North-East.

I'm finding it very hard not to dive into yet another period...but they do sort of fit in with all the Pulp figs I have, don't they? And I've already picked up the book!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Pulp Characters

I got my latest lot of figs back from Matt the other day. This time a variety of characters to add to my Pulp collection. These are mainly Artizan Thrilling Tales minis with a couple of Lucid Eye Savage Core and Copplestone High Adventure figs. 

Lucid Eye and Copplestone

Lucid Eye





Matt's done a superb job, as always. Not long till our final house move...and then I'll actually be able to get them on the table for a game!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Death on the Red Planet

North Star just posted some interesting news on their Facebook page:

The next project bubbling away in the background at North Star is to take the Death in the Dark Continent rules, and produce a VSF spin-off, Death on the Red Planet.

Better start saving! 

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Mad Dogs with Guns - A Quick Skim

Look what arrived today! Another gorgeous Osprey book. I have to say I'm quite excited about this one.

The rules seem pretty straightforward but at the same time are quite detailed particularly with regards to gunfights and fisticuffs! There are, of course, also rules for vehicles and car chases amongst other things.

Making up gangs, in particular, seems a lot of fun. You can choose from Crime Syndicate, Irish Gang, Sicilian Mafia, Chinese Tong, Street Gangs, Cops or Feds. You then get to spend money recruiting your gang, weapons and equipment. Each  gang is usually made up of around 9 figures. Within each gang there are different types of basic soldier and specialist to choose from as well as a boss, an accountant and molls...and many of these will have skills to give them some individual character. There's a definite rpg-lite feel to this game.

The book is rounded off with a series of interesting scenarios and a campaign system including the setting up of rackets.

Well, that's enough of that....I'm off to order some Copplestone Gangsters before settling down to The Untouchables!